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About Us

India is a dominant player in the fast changing & complex global pharmaceuticals market place. Apart from catering to over 1 billion inhabitants, Indian pharma manufacturers are speedily becoming global players. For both, the domestic and global markets there are many complexities to produce the right product at the right time and at the right price. These complexities are real and have and increasing impact on our strategy for the domestic and global marketplace.

We at Puja Enterprises believe in partnering with our buyers and ease the complexities involved in sourcing and buying the raw materials. It is our constant Endeavour is to provide the right raw materials at the right price to our buyers. Our consistent coordination with our network of manufacturers in China, South Korea and other parts of the globe ensures our customers receiving the Right Raw material, Price and Quality. With our founding member having over three decades of pharmaceutical industry experience, we are equipped with high level of expertise and resources for Pharma manufacturers to elevate them to the league of leading manufacturers.